Trader Joes storefront sign
The Trader Joe's Product You Should Always Cook In An Air Fryer
By Haldan Kirsch
Trader Joe's is a beloved grocery store, and their offerings are perfect for a certain passionate circle of foodies — air fryer devotees. The worlds of Trader Joe's and air fryers overlap in a simple product you'll want to add to your grocery list after tasting the results.
Frozen pizzas or flatbreads are one of the best items to cook from Trader Joe's with your air fryer. As Everyday Family Cooking points out, frozen pizzas are great in air fryers because it is even quicker than the oven and produces crispy crusts with perfectly melted cheese on top almost every time.
Tara Miller, marketing director at Trader Joe's, says that this takes some specialized equipment, including an air fryer that is large enough to fit a full-sized pizza. However, Trader Joe's offers delicious full-size and personal pizzas and flatbreads, so no matter what kind of pizza you might be craving, the store offers a bevy of options to air fry.