A shopper walks past the Pirate Joe's market in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, B.C. on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Mike Hallatt opened the shop, which resells Trader Joe's products, in 2012 and is now being sued by California-based Trader Joe's. Hallatt makes frequent trips to the United States to stock up on product during shopping sprees at Trader Joe's despite having his photo posted at most locations in Washington state. (Photo By Paul Chinn/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
The Trader Joe's Heart-Shaped Ravioli That's Perfect For A Romantic Dinner
By Kelly Douglas
Trader Joe's is famous for its seasonal products that become instant crowd-pleasers when their Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine's Day treats hit the shelves for a limited time. This year, their special Valentine's Day pasta dish, which makes for a lovely, romantic dinner, is keeping the internet abuzz.
The heart-shaped, red-tinted ravioli's easy prep and delicious flavors make it a hit this year, and with its tried-and-true positive reviews, it just might be the perfect meal to make for someone's sweetheart this Valentine's Day. The ricotta cuoricini ravioli, priced at $3.99 per container, already has those lucky few who've tried it raving about their taste online.
Stuffed with ricotta cheese and flavors of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, this ravioli also comes with an aceto balsamico di modern reduction and is easy to prepare with a five-to-six-minute cook time. No wonder this hearty dish is garnering fans from all walks of life, with one Reddit user going so far as to call it their “new fav [Trader Joe's] meal.”
Although there is some debate regarding the best sauce to serve with this pasta — some prefer a marinara or red sauce while others prefer pesto — these cute, heart-shaped ravioli seem to be something worth trying for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. With their reddish tint and pretty shape, they might look even tastier under candlelight, paired with a glass of wine.