The entrance of a Trader Joe's store.
The Trader Joe's Crackers That Came All The Way From Germany
By Christine Barba
Trader Joe’s Trail Mix Crackers are a hit, with one Redditor writing that they "are unbelievably delicious ... the bag didn't even last 5 minutes after I got home from the store!" 
Trader Joe's writes on its website that one of its buyers initially discovered this type of snack at a food show in Germany and shared them with the store's Tasting Panel.
The crackers include the flavors of cheese, mung beans, cashews, raisins, white sesame seeds, and pumpkin seeds, and they work well with cheese or peanut butter.
If you're brainstorming some charcuterie board ideas or are hoping to create the perfect cheese board, you may want to consider adding some Trail Mix Crackers.
Each 4.5-ounce bag sells for $2.49 and is perfect for stashing in a backpack, as an afternoon snack, or placing in a drawer so that you can munch on them during work.