tornado omelette over fried rice
The 'Tornado' Swirl Omelet That's Almost Too Satisfying To Eat
By Haldan Kirsch
One of the most versatile foods in the culinary world, eggs can be used in a countless number of dishes across the globe. In recent years, one of the most popular egg dishes from Asia is the South Korean "tornado omelet," a preparation method that has gone viral for its satisfying nature and signature swirl that makes it look outright delicious.
The tornado omelet consists of a swirled omelet that is draped over a mound of rice and covered in a sauce. It’s a dish inspired by the Japanese staple "omurice," which also utilizes an omelet laid over a bed of rice, but is lacking that fascinating tornado-esque swirl.
To make your own tornado omelet, cook an omelet as you normally would, but twist it gently with chopsticks while the eggs are cooking so that the uncooked eggs run off the side and cook in the pan — a very difficult technique to master. Once finished, gently lay the omelet over a mound of fried rice, and surround it with a tomato demi-glace.