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The Tool You Should Never Use To Clean Your Air Fryer
By Linda Larsen
Air fryers have become the most convenient kitchen equipment in the market today, and as with every kitchen appliance, your air fryer needs to be cleaned of oil and food debris. Cleaning the air fryer is pretty easy, though there is one tool you should never use to clean your gadget as it can ruin the most important part of this appliance.
Air fryer baskets are coated with a nonstick ceramic or Teflon coating, the same as nonstick pans, so you should never use metal tools to clean your air fryer. Metal tongs, spatulas, cleaning brushes, pot scrubbers, or steel wool will weaken the coating on the basket, eventually causing it to chip off and deem your air fryer unusable.
To clean the air fryer basket, put it into hot soapy water, and use a non-abrasive sponge to remove the food debris and oil, soaking the basket if necessary to loosen any stuck food. Always use nonstick-safe tongs, forks, and spatulas when using your air fryer, and most importantly, read the manual, as sometimes the basket is dishwasher-safe.