Fresh dark red cherry flying in the air isolated on white background.
The Tip To Remember To Keep Your Cherries Fresh For Longer
By Kelly Douglas
If you love cherries, you know that peak cherry season can be annoyingly short; however, there is a way to store them for longer. The tip for keeping cherries as fresh as possible for as long as you can comes down to a part of the cherry you might typically ignore or toss out.
The freshest cherries have bright green stems, so if you want to keep them sweet and fresh, keep the stems on. When you pluck off the stems before putting away the cherries, it can cause them to spoil quicker, whereas keeping the stems can make the cherries last over a week.
Cherries usually spoil at room temperature and when exposed to sunlight, which is why it’s essential to keep them refrigerated. You can also make them last longer by freezing them on a baking sheet and defrosting them whenever you want a tasty treat.