Frozen beef texture in a container.
The Time-Saving Tip To Make Freezing Raw Meat Even Easier
By Megan Anderson
There's an easy way to save time and avoid headaches while thawing meat by using a bit of forethought and a few freezer bags or pieces of plastic wrap.
When you bring home meat you intend to freeze, separate the pieces immediately rather than sticking the package in the freezer.
Cut open the package of meat and divide it into portions, placing each in a freezer bag or wrapping it in plastic wrap.
To prevent freezer burn, double-wrap the meat in plastic wrap and aluminum foil or place individually-wrapped pieces in a freezer bag. Squeeze the air out as well.
Place the portions in the freezer, spreading them out to ensure cold air can circulate between them. Once completely frozen, it can be consolidated in one place.
When it's time to thaw, put a portion in your refrigerator, either in its existing wrapping or to air dry.
This technique will allow the meat to thaw quicker, will allow you only to thaw as much as you need, and will allow the meat to freeze faster than it would in a big chunk.