preserving fresh meat and raw ham in a vacuum sealer
The TikTok Vacuum-Sealing Food Hack You Absolutely Shouldn't Try
By Juliet Kahn
Humanity has devised many ways to keep food fresh for longer amounts of time, including vacuum sealing, which removes the air from a container entirely. One TikTok user thinks this can be accomplished without using a vacuum sealing machine, but he's dangerously wrong.
TikTok user sidneyraz posted a video in which he sticks a straw into a gap in a Ziploc bag, seals his mouth around the straw's other end, and sucks the air out of the bag before removing the straw and sealing the bag. While this hack will technically remove the air from the bag, it will also introduce germs into your newly-sealed container.
Vacuum sealing requires a scrupulously clean workspace to ensure no dangerous germs get trapped in the food, and the human mouth contains multitudes of germs. This means that using a straw to suck all the air out of your Ziploc bags creates a canal that bacteria in your mouth can use to get to your bagged food, nullifying the benefits of vacuum sealing.