bread slice with butter isolated on white background, top view
The TikTok Butter Hack That Solves Toast Issues
By Angel Albring
When buttering toast, the butter doesn't always melt as fast as you may need it to, and then you end up with torn bread or a pat of butter right in the center of toast that hasn't been spread out evenly. Luckily, a recent TikTok "hack" has people reaching for an unexpected kitchen utensil to solve their buttered toast woes.
Butter that is fresh out of the refrigerator is harder to spread, but according to a TikTok video by user laurentokk, you can get thin strips of butter when you use a vegetable peeler on your butter. These will soften faster than a pat of butter when you place it on warm toast.
According to the video, all you have to do is remove the butter from the fridge, run the peeler across the top of it, and then put the slices on the hot toast. This butter trick can also be used on Ritz crackers, hot popcorn, and roasted vegetables.