close up of rustic italian stuffed conchiglie pasta
The TikTok-Approved Pasta Dish That Reinvents
Stuffed Shells
By Kelly Douglas
If you loved stuffed shells so much that you wish you could live off them, there’s an equally comforting alternative that you just have to try. A viral TikTok video (with 80 million views and counting) has captivated a global audience: home cooks who just want to make a warm, filling pasta dish that everyone is sure to love.
The viral "stuffed shells" TikTok video doesn’t use shells at all, and instead uses a large, tubular pasta similar to cannelloni. Instead of stuffing the pasta with multiple types of cheese, this recipe calls for stuffing alternating grape tomatoes and bits of mozzarella into the pasta tubes, which is reminiscent of both the traditional stuffed shell interior and that gloriously savory sauce.
According to the video, add shredded mozzarella cheese directly to the sauce mixture when you make it, then spread it on top of the pasta and add another layer of shredded mozzarella on top before cooking. All of the classic stuffed shell flavors are there — they're just turned inside out for a swap you'll want to use every time you crave some stuffed pasta.