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The TikTok Air Fryer Trick To Get Perfectly Poached Eggs Every Time
By Ashley Reut
The internet is back with another life hack and this time, it's all in the name of a super quick and easy breakfast food — eggs. Thanks to TikTok’s hacks and advice, there's a super easy way to get perfectly poached eggs every time.
You may make poached eggs the old-fashioned way — in a pot of water with a touch of vinegar — but using an air fryer is a super easy method. Just get a small, oven-safe bowl and crack your egg into it, then place it into the air fryer at 340 degrees for 11 minutes.
Now that you have a flawless poached egg, you may consider making a classic eggs benedict, or having poached eggs on top of cheesy avocado toast. You can even add your poached egg to pasta like a spicy bacon carbonara — the possibilities are endless.