Mirepoix cooking in a skillet.
The Three Vegetables Of Mirepoix And How To Properly Cut Them
By Alexis Montoya
The foundation of many dishes and the essence of flavor begins with classic mirepoix, a combination of onions, celery, and carrots that serve as the base for countless hearty, savory meals. Mastering the technique of making mirepoix can make all the difference in your cooking, and it starts with proper cutting and cooking of this popular flavor base.
Mirepoix is a simple mixture sautéed in oil or butter, with onions providing a sweet and aromatic base, carrots adding natural sweetness and color, and celery contributing a subtle bitterness and depth of flavor. When prepping mirepoix, the key is to ensure each ingredient is cut to a uniform size and that they cook evenly to release their flavors at the same rate.
Typically, the size of each cut depends on the recipe you're making; for example, for broths or consommés, chop them roughly since they will be strained out. If you're making something that has a short cooking time, it's better to chop them to a smaller size so that the flavors and aromas will be released more quickly.