BLOOMSBURG, UNITED STATES - 2022/02/10: A view of a McDonald's food restaurant logo sign. (Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
The Texas-Inspired McDonald's Burger You Can Only Get In Sweden
By Angel Albring
Outside of the U.S., many countries offer classic McDonald's menu items, meals that reflect their country's tastes and traditions, and limited-edition signature burgers that pay homage to U.S. states. In Sweden, McDonald's offers the Jureskog Texas burger with two beef patties, crispy bacon, mayo, barbecue sauce, pickled red onion, smoked gouda cheese, and salad, accompanied by spicy, scoop-shaped potatoes.
The name for this burger came from its inventor, Swedish gourmet chef Johan Jureskog, who traveled to the U.S. and experimented with over 60 different varieties of burgers on a Swedish TV show called "The World's Best Hamburgers." He eventually created the Texas BBQ burger, which was adapted for McDonald's and added to the Swedish lineup of foods.
Unfortunately, both Burger Lad and Insider gave the Jureskog Texas burger poor reviews, saying it was damp, soggy, and disappointing in flavor. If you want to try other limited-menu items, there's always the Japanese "Tsukimi" burger, the McDo with McSpaghetti from the Philippines, an Indian Cheesy Rice Bowl with chicken nuggets, or the Big Brekkie Burger found in New Zealand.