The Tactical Reason Grocery Store Produce Is Always Found At The Front
By Kelly Douglas
Regardless of what you intend to buy at the supermarket, you might end up perusing the produce before you head to any of the aisles — and stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetables while you do so. It turns out that it's all about the psychology when it comes to how stores arrange their produce.
The colorful and appealing fruits and veggies are meant to be enticing thanks to the way they are meticulously arranged in neat rows and displayed underneath lighting that highlights their colors. The flower department is another bright and colorful attraction at the front for customers entering the store.
The bakery is also placed at the front of the store to lure in shoppers, while the dairy aisle is purposely placed at the back. This forces shoppers on their way to the dairy section to walk through the middle of the store, making them more likely to purchase the items there, which are typically the hardest to sell.