wine splashing into glass
The Sweet Spot Price Range To Look For On The Hunt For
Cheap Wine
By Haldan Kirsch
The world of wine can be intimidating for any newcomer — and for an experienced fan. Luckily, there are a handful of hacks and guidelines out there that can help you save on wine without having to sacrifice on quality.
According to Insider, when shopping for wine, the price points to look for are usually between $15 and $25. Go much higher than this and you might start to have a mismatch between quality and price (unless you know what you're looking for), but go much lower and you might be sacrificing quality.
Wine Folly says that one of the best rules to remember when looking for a quality, high value wine is to take the road less traveled. By shopping for wines that come from "value regions," it's easy to save money without sacrificing quality. VinePair adds that if every other wine from a region is around $35, and you found the one that's priced at $10, you probably don't have a quality wine.