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The Sweet Method To Tame Food That's Too Spicy
By Chase Shustack
The reason spicy foods like hot wings or jalapeño peppers are so popular is that the heat adds an extra kick and keeps a meal from being boring. However, when the spiciness becomes more painful than delicious and has the potential for unpleasant side effects, a little bit of sweetness can nicely offset the spice.
When added to a spicy dish, a small amount of sugar helps to absorb the capsaicin — the chemical that causes spiciness — and tame the heat of the spice or pepper. You can also use other sweet ingredients, such as honey or syrup, which provide a thicker, sweeter texture and add a richer flavor to your dish.
Dairy also works well to offset the heat because it contains a protein called casein that helps break down capsaicin, per Cleveland Clinic. This is why milk is more soothing to the tongue than water after eating something spicy, and why blue cheese helps provide a refreshing tang to your plate of hot wings.