Variety of cakes in a store.
The Supermarket Cake Ordering Hack To Avoid Oversweet Buttercream
By Chase Shustack
Supermarket cakes can sometimes be too sweet due to the buttercream frosting adding a strong vanilla or sugary flavor, but that unnecessary sweetness can be easily avoided.
You just have to ask for whipped cream as a substitute for the usual frosting on your cake. Unlike buttercream, whipped cream has a light creamy texture and a subtle sweetness.
This won’t be a big problem, as many grocery store bakeries have whipped cream available. Plus, switching frostings doesn’t cost much, so you won’t have to pay an absurd surcharge.
The other types of icing and frosting you can choose for your cake range from cream cheese frosting to coconut-pecan frosting and even chocolate ganache.
These frostings can add a different layer of flavor and texture to your cake, but you can also order your cake unfrosted and frost it at home with your desired topping.