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The Super Bowl Drinking Game For People Who Only Watch For The Commercials
By Cristine Struble
The NFL reported that "two-thirds of the United States population watched Super Bowl LVI," which is approximately 208 million viewers — though some claim to only watch for the funny commercials. Luckily, there is a Super Bowl drinking game that could have these people saying bottoms up.
One way you can play a commercial drinking game is to create some bingo cards with common Super Bowl commercial themes, such as beer brands and celebrity appearances. For a more complex drinking game, AdLand.TV created a list of specific beverages tied to commercials, such as an A-list celebrity paired with a Sapphire Martini and a space theme toasted with Tang.
Lately, brands are looking to maximize their exposure, and many are revealing their funny, poignant, and sometimes confusing concepts ahead of Super Bowl LVII. With that in mind, it could be time to start planning that drinking game and create some rules around the anticipated themes.