Blue-grey napkin on white background
The Sturdy Kitchen Towels Chefs Can't Get Enough Of
By Camryn Teder
Whether for holding a hot plate, cleaning up a spill, or protecting ourselves and our fragile pans from heat, kitchen towels are an excellent cooking assistant. The two main types of kitchen towels are tea towels and dish towels, and dish towels are far more versatile, especially when made with tightly-woven cotton that’s both sturdy and absorbent.
When it comes to the best of the best, many professionals have their eye on the Utopia kitchen towel. Chef Molly Baz highlights the well-rounded towels by saying, “the Utopia Kitchen towels can function threefold: as an oven mitt (for grabbing hot pots and pans from the oven), as a cleaning rag, and as a dinner napkin.”
The Utopia Kitchen towel is professionally hemmed to last longer, made from 100% woven cotton, and has been rated 4/5 stars on Amazon by thousands of users in categories including versatility, material quality, durability, and absorbency. Priced at only $1.42 per towel or 12 towels for $17, Chef Baz recommends, “buy lots of them and use them as I do: with abandon.”