strawberry with chocolate dipping isolated on white
The Strawberry Type Trader Joe's Uses In Its Frozen Gone Berry
Crazy! Treat
By Brianna Corley
Many Trader Joe's desserts have become an essential part of its legacy, and one famous example is its Gone Berry Crazy! dark chocolate-covered strawberries. Trader Joe's Food Reviews calls it "an incredible dessert" that tastes "fancy," and this may be because the strawberries TJ uses for this snack aren't your average produce.
The strawberries in Gone Berry Crazy! are imported from Thailand, which is very particular about how it grows its strawberries and has an entire district called Samoeng dedicated to farming the fruit. Thailand strawberries are always harvested and then frozen at their absolute ripest, so you're unlikely to bite into a sour-tasting strawberry.
While you can buy preserved Thailand strawberries online at and Amazon, you won’t be able to get them delivered fresh to your door. While you might not be able to perfectly recreate Trader Joe’s Gone Berry Crazy!, you can use your dried Thai berries to create a decadent fruit tart.