"Westminster, U.S.A.  --  April 15, 2012:  The exterior of an Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, with the Olive Garden sign above a window.  The Olive Garden sign is on a rock wall."
The Strange Olive Garden Menu Item You Probably Forgot Existed
By Kalea Martin
Olive Garden debuted spaghetti pie in 2016, offering meatball and chicken alfredo varieties, which included spaghetti, seven cheeses, and Italian bacon baked into a crust.
The only difference between the two pies was the sauce; one used a meat sauce with meatballs, while the other was made with a creamy chicken alfredo.
Olive Garden chef Jim Nuetzi shared in an interview that spaghetti pie was actually an authentic Italian dish called timpano (or timballo) made with a crust and ziti pasta filling.
Although the spaghetti pie was met with positive reviews and copycat recipes, Olive Garden likely planned for the novelty to be available only for a limited time.
Facebook fans inquired about its duration on the menu in May 2016, but Olive Garden only responded with vague replies like "We recommend coming in soon so you don't miss out."