Chatham, Ontario, Canada - March 3, 2011:  Tim Hortons Take-out Coffee Cup isolated on a white background. Tim Hortons is a popular restaurant and coffee chain.
The Strange Conspiracy Behind Tim Hortons Coffee
By Arianna Endicott
Tim Hortons has become a favorite breakfast go-to for many people across the globe, yet there was one strange conspiracy that marked the Canadian coffee chain. Many people became suspicious about why Tim Hortons’ coffee is so addictive, which led to rumors that the coffee chain secretly added nicotine to some aspects of its drinks.
Some surmised that the nicotine was added to the coffee grounds themselves, while others thought the coffee filters or to-go cups might contain the chemical, but they have since been disproven. One rumor stated that this theory was raised after a Tim Hortons executive disclosed the ingredients list to a customer’s doctor when they began having an allergic reaction and needed to know what was in the coffee, revealing the addition of nicotine.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which oversees commercially sold foods, ensures no dangerous chemicals, including nicotine, are used in Tim Hortons’ coffee brewing process. Some suggest that the chain adds MSG instead of nicotine, while others claim that the coffee contains extremely high doses of caffeine — all of which have been debunked.