Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl
The Story Of Waldo, The Other Lucky Charms Mascot
By C.A. Pinkham
​​One of the most iconic cereal mascots is Lucky, the lovable leprechaun spokesman for Lucky Charms, but in the 1970s, General Mills tried out a new mascot: a wizard named Waldo.
Initially designed for Amazin' Raisins, Waldo was an unkempt wizard in a green robe and bowtie, who had lost his box of Lucky Charms and had to track it down.
Waldo was repurposed as the mascot for Lucky Charms in one market: New England. In 1975, the two mascots coexisted, with Waldo in the New England market and Lucky everywhere else.
Lucky’s problem was that he seemed cold and remote, not wanting to share his marshmallow treats with children. When Lucky was rebranded to be friendlier, Waldo’s time was up.
Waldo was shuttered, and Lucky came back — with most people unaware of how close we came to never seeing that goofy little green suit again.