Almond Joy candy bars outside of the wrapper
The Story Behind Almond Joy's Iconic Slogan
By Kalea Martin
Since 2010, Almond Joy commercials have featured calypso music, but some people fail to realize that the music is the tune of the candy bar’s original jingle. In a throwback, Almond Joy and Mounds released a 2021 commercial featuring the entire song, and judging by the comments on YouTube, the older slogan is much more iconic among the candy brand's older fans.
The original commercials, first introduced in 1977, would usually showcase different "nutty" behavior, such as riding a horse backward or flying a plane upside down, and a jingle with the lyrics, "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.” Composer Leon Carr came up with some clever wordplay highlighting the difference between the company's two candy bars — Almond Joy was made with nuts, and Mounds was not.
Thanks to years of commercials, most consumers are familiar with what's inside an Almond Joy. Since the brand is already well established, it seems Almond Joy ultimately decided singing the entire song in commercials was no longer necessary.