Scallion stalks in a blue mug
The Storage Hack To (Literally) Get More Out Of Scallions
By Alexis Montoya
There's no limit to the ways you can prolong the shelf life of your favorite ingredients, and of all the hacks, one of the easiest and most rewarding involves scallions. Just one change in your scallion storage routine will allow for an abundance of it to grow in your home without needing to buy more for a long time.
Storing and regrowing scallions at home begins with a mason jar, or any tall, shallow, and transparent vessel. Take the end bits of your scallions and place them root-side down in your vessel (ensuring it’s small enough to keep them from falling), place them in sunlight, and add just enough water to cover the roots.
As you observe the growth of the scallion, watch out for any signs of cloudy water or a change from a green to yellow shoot. Replace the water as it discolors to keep it fresh, and for long-term growth, transfer the plant into a pot of soil when the shoots reach around five inches long for a seemingly endless supply of scallions.