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The State With The Most Publix Locations
By Camryn Teder
The supermarket chain Publix recently came out on top of many of Forbes' own best-of lists for its customer service and social responsibility, becoming a popular destination for anyone with a need for groceries. Despite its popularity, the chain isn't everywhere yet, but there is one place in particular that packs a true surplus of Publix locations.
Florida takes the cake as the state with the most Publix locations, with a whopping 839 stores open in the region, followed by Georgia in second place with 197 stores. Stressing both its strong intolerance toward food waste and its drive to interact with the local community, Publix currently has more than half of its locations in Florida.
Most of Publix's distribution centers and manufacturing plants are also based out of the Sunshine State, and they have also announced the pop-up of more locations all over the Southeast. The supermarket chain is a fully employee-owned company, which is the largest in the U.S., and has even landed itself a spot on the 100 Best Big Companies to Work For list.