Fresh baked flaky cinnamon swirl pastry with sweet white fondant icing
The Specific Cinnamon Variety That Makes Cinnabon So Delicious
By Brianna Corley
While it might seem like a simple treat, the delectable formula behind Cinnabon rolls is the result of months of effort and hundreds of botched recipes. The secret ingredient that makes these rolls so irresistible is their cinnamon, as you can't get a cinnamon roll with the same variety anywhere else.
Baker Jerilyn Brusseau was hired by the founders of Cinnabon to help create the recipe for their cinnamon rolls, and the three discovered that Korintje cinnamon from Sumatra gave the pastries a stand-out flavor. However, while Korintje is commonly used in U.S. commercial bakeries, the type on Cinnabon's iconic rolls isn't.
While you can find plenty of vendors selling Korinjte cinnamon on Amazon, Cinnabon uses Makara Korintje cinnamon, a blend that is locked behind a trademark and a secret to the public. You can, however, buy a bottle of Makara cinnamon in select Cinnabon stores if you want to make homemade versions of their pastries.