A slab of butter topped with butter curls on blue and white floral China
The Specialty Butter Jet Tila Always Picks Up At The Grocery Store
By Carly Weaver
Chefs are connoisseurs of good quality food, so knowing what to get from a grocery store and having go-to products is part and parcel of being good at their job. For celeb chef and restaurateur Jet Tila, the must-buy item on his grocery list happens to be cultured butter.
Butter is simply pasteurized cream that’s churned until it reaches its semi-solid form, but cultured butter requires an extra step before that cream is churned — fermentation. “Good bacteria” (live cultures) are added to the cream once it’s pasteurized and left to slowly ferment it into a thick, tangy, aromatic substance; then, after lots of fermenting, it’s churned into butter.
Tila explains that the process “creates an amazing cheesy tang in the butter and incredible flavor,” with an extra creamy texture and a complex flavor that’s slightly acidic. Cultured butter also has lower moisture content and a higher smoke point than regular butter, which produces better results when baking — especially in flaky items, pie crusts, biscuits, or shortbread.