"Jacksonville, Florida, USA - July, 18 2011. The exterior of a Five Guys fast food restaurant."
The Special Topping Extras You Can Actually Get For Free At Five Guys
By Kelly Douglas
Almost all chain restaurants have their own secret menus and little-known hacks to help make your meal cheaper (and more delicious), including Five Guys. They offer a wide variety of burger toppings, and you can even get some of these toppings for free — you just need to know exactly what to ask for.
For extra cheese, order a cheeseburger and ask for extra cheese, and you’ll wind up with twice as much since it already comes with cheese. For extra bacon, the process is similar; order a bacon burger and ask for extra, which will leave you with twice the bacon without having to pay anything more.
The process is similar for hot dogs: By ordering a cheese dog with cheese as an additional topping, you’ll get double the cheese. If you order a bacon cheese dog, you can order cheese and bacon as additional toppings to get extra helpings of both at absolutely no additional cost.