The Spanish Restaurant That Harnesses Volcanic Heat To Cook Food
By Julia Mullaney
El Diablo, a restaurant located in Lanzarote in The Canary Islands is taking heat to new levels by using an actual volcano (as in, real lava) for cooking its guests' meals. Opened in 1970 and founded by Cesar Manarique, El Diablo is a must-try, though some customers argue it's more for the experience than the food.
Atlas Obscura reports that the restaurant built a massive grill over the top of the volcano's opening; the grill sits about six feet above the actual lava. The distance allows the 750-degree lava to create perfectly grilled meats, and the restaurant was built around the grill.
Technically the volcano could erupt, but it's been nearly 200 years since this last happened, though Lanzarote actually boasts about 200 volcanoes. The restaurant's online reviews indicate that the experience is worth it, but the food receives mixed reactions and 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor.