Photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The South American Fruit That Tastes Exactly Like Peanut Butter
By Crystal Antonace
There's a vast array of fruits to learn about aside from the standard apple and orange assortments that line grocery entryways across America. When considering exotic fruits, look no further than South America to excite your senses, especially with this eccentric fruit.
Peanut butter fruit, also known as bunchosia argentea or ciruela del monte, is a bright red elongated fruit that is mostly known for its astonishingly nutty flavor. Gastro Obscura describes the taste as including "hints of sweet potatoes and berries," and the fruit is both eaten raw and made into milkshakes and pastries.
Peanut butter fruit has health benefits since it contains lycopene, a nutrient that can increase heart health and potentially lower the risk of some cancers. The fruit is not commercially marketable due to its fragility during shipping, but another fruit with a nutty taste, the mamey sapote, is available in southern parts of the U.S.