Fruit smoothie splash with berries against a white background.
The Smoothie Tip That Will Have You Skipping The Ice
By Camryn Teder
While the execution of a delicious smoothie can be fairly simple, even the slightest miscalculation may result in a drink that's too watery or lacking in flavor. For lovers of thick, flavorful smoothies, try substituting ice with this instead.
Using frozen fruit in your smoothie ensures a thicker mix and avoids unappealing chunks of ice in your blend while packing in more flavor and natural sweetness. You can easily freeze fresh fruit at home or buy fresh pre-packaged frozen fruits and use the leftover fruit for food items such as soft-serve or jam.
To make any smoothie recipe taste great, measure everything to create the perfect drink according to your taste. Add liquids and lighter ingredients like powders and greens before the frozen ingredients so the blender blades can spin more efficiently.