This popcorn is a maizing
The Smokey Fat You Need To Try Adding To Popcorn
By Crystal Antonace
Whether used for a school lunch or to enjoy while you watch a weekend movie, popcorn is a convenient and affordable snack. These puffed kernels act as a neutral base for a variety of flavors, and if you want to give your next batch of popcorn a bold and smoky flavor, consider adding this unique fat.
Chef Brother Luck says that the prime way to add a flavor boost to your popcorn is by using bacon or onion fat in place of any other neutral oil. Bacon fat (the leftover rendered grease from cooking bacon) has a smoke point of 325 F and a salty, meat-filled flavor, making it an ideal accompaniment for popcorn.
The most common methods of popcorn preparation are either in a microwave-safe bowl or, the traditional way, directly on the stove. The latter is the only method that requires oil (or bacon fat) and is a much more hands-on process, but it’s worth it, as popping your kernels this way results in the best-tasting popcorn.