A muffin pan with blueberry muffins
The Smashing Trick For Instagram-Worthy Blueberry Muffins
By Kelly Douglas
When it comes to baking blueberries muffins, you can bring out more flavor and make them moist and photogenic by crushing the blueberries.
Before you drop them in with the other ingredients, smash about a ½ cup of your blueberries and leave the rest whole.
You don't need to crush them with great force or anything, but that pressure will bring out all of the deliciously gooey blueberry interior.
Once you've mixed the crushed berries into the batter, the blue tint of the blueberry skin will offer a light shade of purple — an especially pretty color to photograph.
Aside from creating a good picture, crushing the blueberries to let all of their juice into the batter will also maximize the berry flavor in your muffins.