Dripping wet juicy refreshing lime organic wedge on a white background
The Slicing Method To Get 100% Of Juice Out Of A Lime
By Chase Shustack
According to an illustration posted on Reddit, limes should be cut into thirds in order to get the most juice from every part of the fruit, and we’re here to explain this method.
To use this method, cut one side of the lime near (rather than down) the middle, then repeat on the alternate side, leaving you with two lime
slices with the middle still intact.
Cut the middle piece into thirds, which will give you one rectangular segment and two half-moons, which should yield the maximum amount of juice when the lime pieces are squeezed.
One user on a Reddit thread said that cutting the lime off-center causes the juice sacs to burst, releasing more juice than cutting it in half could.
Those who’d rather stay away from a knife can get the same results by warming the fruit up for a bit before you cut it, which you can do by microwaving it between 15 to 30 seconds.
This heats the lime’s juice sacs, which either pop from pressure or become much easier to burst. You can also skewer a lime halfway and remove it
to let the juice squirt out.