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The Simplest Way To Melt Peanut Butter In The Microwave
By Kimberley Laws
Peanut butter is a tasty addition to a seemingly endless array of dishes, and America clearly has a close relationship with the creamy spread, with over 299 million Americans eating peanut butter in 2020. Of course, peanut butter is more than a sandwich spread, and there are plenty of times where you will want to melt peanut butter.
The traditional method for melting peanut butter involves placing the pot of peanut butter on a stovetop burner — on the lowest setting — and stirring the peanut butter until it thickens. However, this is quite time consuming, and you can save time by doing it in the microwave.
Microwave your peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds, give it a good stir, and pop it in for another 30 seconds, repeating this process until the desired texture is achieved. You are now set to whip up a peanut butter dip recipe, make some dessert toppings, or simply dig your spoon into a smidgeon of melted peanut butter sauce.