Dutch oven. Empty pot, roast chicken and pot with cap. Retro style vector illustration
The Simple Way To Clean Burnt Food From A Dutch Oven
By Elaina Friedman
While your Dutch oven may be a precious kitchen essential that you're likely to have for years, it isn’t perfect. Just like any pot, Dutch ovens sometimes get food stuck to them, especially after a long braising session, but fortunately, there’s a trick you can use to remove burnt scraps from the pot without damaging its surface.
Try using kosher salt to help remove burnt food and stains from your Dutch oven and other enameled cast iron cooking tools. The former tools editor of The Kitchn says, "I just sprinkle on the salt, add a little water, and scrub any burnt-on bits with a sponge [...] It's one of my absolute favorite cleaning tips."
Thanks to its high sodium chloride content and naturally scratchy texture, kosher salt is a common ingredient in household cleaning products and works to dissolve burnt food and scrub it away at the same time. However, if salt alone isn't quite doing the trick, try adding a little lemon juice.