Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - August 10, 2013. Looking up at M&M's World from Las Vegas Boulevard. Photograph taken outdoors during the daytime.
The Simple Way M&M's Got Its Name
By Lauren Wood
M&M’s debuted in the 1940s and later became a candy staple, leading to Mars, Inc. becoming the top global candy producer in 2021. Almost everyone knows the M&M’s brand, but fans of the candy may not know how it got its name.
M&M's stands for Mars & Murrie, the creators of the chocolate candies. According to The New York Times, Forrest Mars saw soldiers eating tiny chocolates covered in sugar and got the idea; however, he needed a little help with manufacturing, so he went to William F. R. Murrie, the then-president
of Hershey's chocolate.
The first M&M's appeared in 1941, and by the 1954s, the candy was so popular they had to stamp each chocolate with the trademark white “m.” Though the M&M's origin is as simple as its design, Mars and Murrie have created a lasting dynasty that will continue to dominate the candy industry for years to come.