Block of extra firm tofu cut into cubes on wooden cutting board
The Simple Trick For Using Tofu As A Cream Cheese Substitute
By Arianna Endicott
Tofu can be a great swap for cream cheese, especially if you want a plant-based protein substitute or are lactose intolerant. However, you'll need to grab the silken variety.
Silken tofu is creamier than firm tofu, with a cream cheese-like consistency, and its bland flavor works well in any recipe, as it acquires the flavors from other ingredients.
With its creamy composition, silken tofu can be a good base for recipes like pies and cheesecake, and when baked and chilled, it helps these desserts set to the perfect texture.
You can substitute an equal amount of tofu for the cream cheese that your recipe calls for, but since tofu is often packaged with water, make sure to drain it well before using it.
Add lemon juice to emulate the cream cheese's tanginess and a few drops of vanilla for that signature, subtle sweetness. Puree it all together before adding it to your recipe.
You can also use silken tofu to top toast or as a fruit pizza's base. Simply puree it with apple cider vinegar, and add strawberry or blueberry jelly to make a fruity cream cheese.
If you prefer savory flavors, stir in sliced green onions or diced fresh herbs instead. The key is to allow the mixture to chill well to firm up in the fridge before spreading.
You can also whip up silken tofu, sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla to replace cream cheese frosting, mixing and beating them until they achieve desired consistency and flavor.