Iced cherry sponge cake shot on a wooden board in a home kitchen setting, Newport, Wales, 2010
The Simple Hack You Need For Perfectly Moist Cake Every Time
By Cristine Struble
From tweaking a boxed cake mix to improving that classic recipe, sometimes it's just a simple ingredient swap or addition that can change the result when baking. Besides the importance of proper measurements, avoiding over-mixing, and the perils of overbaking, another pantry staple can help add some moisture to a store box cake mix: mayonnaise.
While this trick might be well-known, Better Homes and Gardens suggests that an additional ½ cup of mayonnaise will help with the overall moisture when added to the cake's other ingredients. The condiment can make the batter's texture a little less fluffy, and it's a trick that many bakers, companies, and even brands have used.
The Kitchn suggests lightly wrapping a cake while it is still warm to ensure that the cake stays moist; this way, the liquid inside the cake will avoid evaporating and remain trapped inside the crumb. If the cake is a few days old, you can microwave a slice covering it with a damp paper towel to bring it back to life.