Turkish Pistachio Baklava, layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped pistachio nuts, and sweetened with honey, on sale in a bakery in Haringey, North London, UK
The Simple Hack That Saves You Time When Making Baklava
By Elaina Friedman
Baklava is a dessert that features paper-thin layers of phyllo dough pastry filled with chopped nuts and doused in warm honey syrup. It may not bother you or ruin your baklava if you have a slight tear in your phyllo dough, but if you're a perfectionist who likes to save time, there’s a trick you must try.
In an Instagram post, Yumna Jawad of Feel Good Foodie skips the part of the baklava process that involves dabbing each layer of phyllo dough in butter or ghee. Instead, she separates a package of phyllo dough into two halves, sandwiches her nut mixture between them, scores it accordingly, and pours melted clarified butter over the whole operation.
The butter takes around five minutes to soak into all the layers of dough, saving you precious time. Jawad flavors her simple syrup with orange blossom water and lemon juice, using walnuts sweetened with granulated sugar for her filling, but even if you choose a different recipe, her tip will always come in handy.