Ingredients for home baking. Flour. eggs. cane sugar. milk in different bowls. blood oranges and spices. Grey texture background. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Simple Egg Tip That Will Give You Fluffier Baked Goods
By Carly Weaver
As enjoyable and rewarding as baking can be, it can be equally frustrating and hard to master, which is why most of us will take any tip to help us create a delicious baked treat for the whole family to enjoy. According to professional pastry chef Ivy Manning, there's an extra step you can take with your eggs to achieve optimal fluffiness.
Manning's tip is to stick to the required egg size and make sure you use the whole thing. Many of us crack the egg, use whatever falls out, and ditch the shell regardless of the remnants still stuck in there, but Manning says that poking out the rest of the egg whites with your finger and getting every last bit of it into your recipe really makes a difference when it comes to fluffiness. 
Egg size can directly affect a recipe's color, flavor, and texture, and it’s best to stick to large eggs if the recipe doesn’t specify. If you use too much egg, your creation will be too cakey, spongey, or rubbery, and if you don't use enough, it'll limit the amount of air that's let into the batter, and the result will often be dry, crumbly, or dense.