Iced black coffee
The Simple Addition To Minimize The Acidity Of Your Coffee
By Haldan Kirsch
According to Third Wave Coffee Roasters, coffee's acidity is linked to its caffeine content and other natural acids released during roasting and brewing. If you love coffee but hate its acidity, you can control its acid content by selecting specific roasts and brewing methods or adding this simple ingredient to your cup.
Like adding milk, sugar, or even salt, which reduces the bitter flavors typically found in coffee, baking soda can also reduce coffee's acidity. Because baking soda is a fairly neutral-flavored base substance, adding a half-teaspoon of baking soda to coffee grounds before brewing will help lower the coffee's acidity without affecting the flavor.
Another way to reduce coffee's acidity is by choosing darker roast coffees, which have lower acidity levels per Verena Street Coffee. The site adds that making cold brew coffee is another excellent way to reduce acidity since cold water has been shown to release fewer of coffee's natural acids.