Raw Organic Steel Cut Oats in a Bowl
The Secret To Steel-Cut Oats Is Making Them Ahead Of Time
By Heather Newman
Steel-cut oats are a healthy, flavorful, and satiating breakfast to get the day started. The only downside is that they take longer to cook than their regular counterparts.
The good news is that it's easy to get those oats ready sooner by prepping them the night before. This means that you can wake up and have a hot, smooth breakfast within minutes.
Reheating steel-cut oats actually makes them creamier, as opposed to regular oatmeal which gets dry when reheated. Toasting your steel-cut oats also adds a warm flavor boost.
Measure out your oats and toast them for about three minutes before adding them to a pot of salted water. Bring them to a rolling boil, cover the pot, and turn off the stove.
Now, all you have to do is let the oats sit overnight. When you get up in the morning, simply turn the stove back on to quickly reheat your tender oats.
Surplus oats can be stored in the refrigerator for a handful of days. All you need to do is portion out some each morning and heat it up on the stovetop or in the microwave.
There are plenty of ways to dress oats up if you don’t like them plain. Chopped fruit and nuts can be prepped ahead of time in the fridge and added, as can jams and preserves.