Jar of raspberry jam isolated on white background
The Secret To Great Homemade Dressing Is Starting With Your Jam Jar
By Sarah Richter
There are many hacks you can try to reuse leftover food, and the remnants of a jam jar — especially a raspberry jam jar — provide potential, per celebrity chef Rachael Ray.
Ray suggests using leftover jam for salad dressing by adding dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil to the jar with one tablespoon or two of jam still in it.
Then, you can shake, whisk, or agitate. There's no need to buy any special vinaigrette shaker or dirty an extra bowl — just pop the lid on, shake away, and dress your fresh greens.
Many salad dressings use some sweet components, and raspberry jam's sweet and tart notes help balance the bracing vinegar, smooth olive oil, and signature tang of the mustard.
The mustard isn't there just for the taste, as it also emulsifies the vinaigrette and keeps it from separating. In addition to salad, this is also great for dipping chicken.