Stock photo showing close-up view of a slice of salted caramel cake displayed against a yellow and blue background.
The Secret To Bright White Buttercream Is Purple Food Coloring
By Kalea Martin
Butter is naturally yellow-toned, meaning when combined with powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk to make buttercream frosting, it ends up being off-white. Opting for a non-organic butter and giving it an extra whip are surefire ways to reduce the yellowness of your frosting, but this more effective approach may surprise you.
In a viral TikTok video, @petitecakery adds the tiniest bit of purple food coloring to her frosting, and after a few rounds of mixing, the yellow tone is completely gone. This color correction works because purple and yellow are opposites, so when you combine the slightest bit of yellow from the buttercream with an equal amount of purple food coloring, the two neutralize each other.
For best results, Bakery and Cakery suggests dipping a toothpick in the food coloring and adding only a little at a time as needed, as too much purple will overcorrect the yellow, resulting in gray frosting. However, this trick doesn't work with white chocolate ganache because the purple food coloring will intensify the cream color or turn it green, so you'll need to use white food dye instead.