Paper bag holding Olive Garden leftovers
The Secret Method To Order Discontinued Olive Garden Items
By Chase Shustack
By simply asking your waiter to customize your order to suit your preferences, you can order your favorite discontinued menu items from Olive Garden.
This is thanks to Olive Garden’s varied customization options. They allow you to swap proteins, request cheese, omit cheese entirely, and swap dipping sauces.
One popular discontinued Olive Garden dish is their chicken fettuccine Florentine, which you can still order by simply asking for spinach in your chicken Alfredo.
Not every location may be able to accommodate your requests, depending on what ingredients it has in its kitchen. But as long as your request is reasonable, it should be possible.
There are certain discontinued items that truly aren’t available anywhere, like Olive Garden’s spaghetti pie, discontinued in 2016, and mushroom ravioli, discontinued in June 2023.