A waitress holding a menu at Cracker Barrel. (Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Secret Method To Get More From Cracker Barrel's Country Boy Breakfast
By Stacie Adams
According to a former Cracker Barrel employee, you can enjoy a bottomless serving of hashbrown casserole with their Country Boy Breakfast simply by asking for more.
Though not explicitly on the menu, the former employee says that customers can request additional servings of hashbrown casserole and other dishes like biscuits, gravy, and grits.
Cracker Barrel’s Country Boy Breakfast comes with three eggs, your choice of meat, fried apples, grits, biscuits, gravy, and, of course, their top-selling hashbrown casserole.
Made from shredded potatoes, onions, Colby cheese, and Cracker Barrel’s seasoning, hashbrown casserole can be enjoyed alongside main dishes or as an entrée.