Two glasses of tiramisu in white kitchen
The Secret Ingredient Melissa King Adds To Tiramisu For Complex Flavor
By Allie Sivak
While classic tiramisu is great, Melissa King gives the Italian classic a robust flavor boost thanks to one secret ingredient: Hong Kong-style milk tea.
Similar to espresso, rich and silky milk tea is available in an instant format for use in baking. It can be found in Asian supermarkets, retail stores, or online.
The instant version typically contains a spray-dried combination of black tea, condensed or evaporated milk, and sugar. To use it, simply hydrate the instant mix with warm liquid.
For her tiramisu, King uses 8 ½ tablespoons of instant Hong Kong milk tea powder. One tablespoon of the milk tea powder is whisked into her silky mascarpone custard.
King incorporates the rest of the milk tea powder to make a tea mixture consisting of warm water and Madeira wine, which is then used to soak the lady fingers.