Pouring cream into an iced coffee
The Secret For The Best At-Home Iced Coffee
Is Easy
By Megan Anderson
Buying iced coffee from a coffee shop everyday can quickly add up, but there is a simple trick for making great-tasting iced coffee at home: simply shake it with ice.
If you have an espresso machine, start by brewing espresso. For any other type of coffee maker, use the normal amount of grounds, but use less than half (around ⅖) of the water.
Combine the coffee with ice and milk in a cocktail shaker or other sealed cup, then shake it until it feels cool on the outside. After that, strain the coffee into a cup with ice.
Shaking the coffee aerates it and makes it froth up, resulting in a delightfully textured and aesthetically pleasing cup. Add your favorite spices and syrups, and enjoy!